De Jurastudendes Retshjælp (The Lawstudent's Legal Aid) is an organization of law students at Aarhus University, offering free legal counseling to private persons and companies. Our organization is built on voluntary work from the students at the Legal Institute at Aarhus University. The legal aid was established in 2005 by the student-political organization Seriøse Jurister, but recieved political independence in 2010, to ensure the full independence of the organization in this matter. De Jurastuderendes Retshjælp was established with the help of DUF's initiative support, and the organization is run with funds from a program of independent funds for legal aids under the justice department of the Danish government, and is therefore economically independent from any private law firms. The daily management is overseen by the daily leader, while a board of representatives from the organization, and a representative of the legal profession is responsible for any general decisions. You are welcome to contact the board if you would like to know more about De Jurastuderendes Retshjælp.